Thank you, Fusion Christian Church!

Five ways to help

1) Financially

Click here to go to the donation page ( and see the various ways you can support Word First financially. Word First Ministries is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible and we deliver annual giving statements for tax filing.

2) Prayer

First, please send us an e-mail to and let us know that you would like to join the Prayer Team. Then, we can give you access to our online prayer request list.

If you are on Facebook, you can request membership in our private prayer group here:

3) Encouragement

Contact us at for our addresses and other contact info. You can also visit our Who We Are page ( and find our individual e-mail addresses.

4) Mission Trips

Start by contacting Pastor Zac. We have given him some basic information about missions opportunities in Norway. But the short story is: we are always glad to host Christian brothers and sisters and put them to gospel work in Oslo! We are also very willing to hear your creative ideas and invent new or unique trips and assignments. But all of those ideas should be put to the leadership at Fusion first, to be sure that they correspond with the mission, vision, and priorities of Fusion.

5) Spread the Word!

Subscribe to our podcast ( Follow our social media accounts (links below). Share their content. Tell people about the need. Get them excited to join the mission! We are serious and sincere when we say that we are sort of the tip of the pyramid of the mission in Oslo. Our job is impossible without lots and lots of supporting missionaries doing their jobs. It takes all of us and we are always recruiting!

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